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Investing in Your Employees’ Health Will Increase Productivity and Strengthen Your Bottom Line

With the rise of healthcare costs, many companies are struggling to survive an unsustainable market. Corporations cannot keep up with a 10 percent increase year over year. Employee premiums are being raised, benefits cut, and corporations are even switching carriers for discounts to offset the growing cost of healthcare for their employees. The latest trend is to push more costs onto employees as a result of outcomes-based wellness programs.

What if we told you we could help you cut costs and raise productivity? What if we could tailor a plan for your company that would increase the health and wellness of your employees without bruising your budget? What if this investment raised the value of your company and drove your success to a new level?

At Hathorn & Associates, we work with our partners to provide the best practice health management consulting. We specialize in behavioral economics and provide solutions that “incentivize” your employees—encouraging and motivating them to lead healthier lives. We provide a strategic plan that shifts the focus from disease and cost to health and investment. Let your carrier provide the network, and let your broker administer the plan; let us manage your healthcare costs.

Do You Manage a Large Corporation Seeking to Decrease Healthcare Costs?

Employers and employees continue to bear the price of rising healthcare costs. Wellness programs not only improve the morale and health of your employees, but they also increase productivity and help your organization reduce and or mitigate healthcare costs. Wellness programs are the foundation of any successful health management strategy. Successful corporations have recognized that the productivity of their workforce is a vital element of their competitive strategy. Strong evidence supports investment in health management programs across the entire health care spectrum:

  • Reduce risks and associated business costs
  • Reduce healthcare spending
  • Control expenses
  • Protect, support, and enhance human capital
  • Develop a more productive, engaged, and competitive workforce
  • Enhance employee morale and job satisfaction

Here at Hathorn & Associates, we work to understand your corporate culture and we provide healthcare solutions to fit your unique corporate needs. We guarantee return on investment in year one; ask us how we can provide a fully outsourced wellness program at no cost.

Are you a benefit broker looking to:

  • Offer wellness service?
  • Compete in a fast-paced industry?

Are you tired of being evaluated based on rising healthcare prices which you can’t control? Have you maximized all of the efficiencies of a well designed insurance program?

As a health management brokerage firm, we partner with benefit brokers to establish a meaningful and long lasting relationship with clients. Our team and brokers operate in two very different ways. This allows our combined talent to offer a more effective health management plan.

Benefit Broker Role:

  • Finds affordable health coverage for clients and their employees
  • Obtains and negotiates rates and coverage
  • Manages open enrollment process and benefit communication
  • Assists with day-to-day claims adjudication and plan administration
  • Provides legislative and compliance updates

Our Role in Assisting Our Broker Partners:

  • Develop and implement multi-year health management strategies.
  • Monitor and advise on evolving industry standards. We have staked a position on this service area, which so many other companies ignore. It is impossible for brokers to keep up with industry growth in areas including wellness compliance, wellness healthcare reform, wellness industry trends, and wellness companies. We do this for them.
  • Create and enhance partnership between brokers and wellness companies.
  • Create engagement solutions that reinforce healthy behavior.
  • Design behavioral economic strategies to integrate insurance plans and wellness plans.
  • Incentive management consulting.

We have over 250 wellness vendors in our database and growing. We use a proprietary algorithm to resolve which vendor best fits our broker partners’ and clients’ goals and corporate culture.

Do You Manage a Wellness Company Looking to Grow or Increase Sales?

At Hathorn & Associates, our goal is to help organizations get healthy and lower their healthcare costs. We want to fundamentally shift the way in which organizations look at healthcare, and shift the focus from disease and cost to health and investment. It’s in our experience that we have found that the best approach to a healthy lifestyle is through incentives and social health convergence. This not only holds true for employers looking to incentivize their employees, but also we can provide incentives for  employers to purchase your wellness solution.

A Comprehensive Approach to Controlling Corporate Heath Expenses

We know how important it is to work with a company that understands you and your employees. We have developed a unique system for aligning each client with a wellness company that matches our client’s unique needs and culture, and we can do this all for no cost to your organization.

I know that this sounds to good to be true, but Mr. Hathorn is committed to helping corporations get healthy and stay well. As the President and Founder of Hathorn & Associates, Erick also serves on several national health and wellness boards. Whether you are looking to in-source, co-source, or out-source, you can be assured that Hathorn & Associates has your best interest in mind.

Contact our firm today to set up your health management consultation. We guarantee return on investment in the first year.

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Who We Help

Corporations Corporations

Do you manage a large corporation seeking to lower healthcare costs without punishing your employees? If you answered yes, Hathorn & Associates Health Management Firm can help you do just that. We offer a wide-range of services that assist you and give you the tools to make better healthcare decisions for your employees and company as a whole.

Hathorn & Associates focuses on understanding you and your needs. We match your corporation with a wellness program that will increase productivity and drive your success to a new level, all while reducing costs. Find out how you can reduce risks and healthcare spending, control expenses, and develop a more productive and competitive workforce, while increasing employee morale and job satisfaction. Get healthy, stay well, and succeed.

Benefit Brokers Benefit Brokers

Are you having trouble working with your clients after the onset of the Affordable Care Act? Not sure which premiums to offer to companies whose only concern is the bottom line? We can help.

Hathorn & Associates is proud to offer one of the first dedicated wellness brokerage services in the nation. We work with top wellness companies, insurers, brokers, and clients to provide a sustainable solution to rising healthcare costs. Let us use our network of wellness partnerships to increase your client base and improve the health of the workforce.

Wellness Companies Wellness Companies

Want to get your wellness plan into more offices and workplaces? Hathorn & Associates has developed close partnerships with top wellness vendors nationwide, bringing wellness planners and companies together for mutual benefit. Your program could be a perfect fit for one of our company clients.